Changing Beliefs: The Case of First-Person Vicarious Experiences



Activando la Resolución de Problemas en las Aulas


  • Annette Rouleau
  • Natalia Ruiz
  • Cristián Reyes
  • Peter Liljedahl

Abstract: Changes of beliefs do not happen arbitrarily; there are underlying mechanisms that enable the shift from a preexisting belief to a new belief. This study outlines a problem-solving implementation in which we suggest participants experienced shifts in their beliefs. We describe these belief changes and propose a new mechanism for the shift: first-person vicarious experiences. Our results suggest that, despite their initial uncertainties, individuals who agreed to make a change in their practice underwent a change in belief regarding the efficacy of the practice through firsthand experience of its implementation.

Keywords: Beliefs change – First-person vicarious experiences – Problem solving 

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