The ARPA Experience in Chile: Problem Solving for Teachers’ Professional Development



Activando la Resolución de Problemas en las Aulas

Abstract: In this chapter, we present the ARPA Initiative, a research and development program having as a main goal the introduction of problem solving into regular teachers’ practice as a way of enriching mathematics classrooms, moving the attention from teacher to students and opening the route for developing abilities intertwined with content rather than content alone. Starting with the educational context in Chile, we describe the origin of the ARPA Initiative and then its professional development program with its different workshops: PSAction, (We use PS in front of our workshops’ names for emphasizing the role of Problem Solving in them.) PSContent, PSMonitor and, with special emphasis, PSClassroom, the core of the initiative. The experiences and research taking part along three years are then described, to conclude with learnings from practice and the main challenges for the future.


  • Patricio Felmer
  • Josefa Perdomo-Díaz
  • Cristián Reyes

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