Novice Chilean Secondary Mathematics Teachers as Problem Solvers



Activando la Resolución de Problemas en las Aulas

Abstract: In this chapter we present a research on a group of 30 novice Chilean mathematics teachers as problem solvers. We study their performance while working on two problems, how they felt when they worked on them and how do they see as problem solver in a self-evaluation.

The analysis we present is part of a larger research project whose general objective is to explore relationships among (a) the opportunities that initial teacher training programs offer them to grow as problem solvers and as teachers able to promote problem solving in their class, (b) the mathematical knowledge of novice mathematics teachers as problem solvers, and (c) their pedagogical practices regarding the way they promote their students as problem solvers.

Autores: Felmer P., Perdomo-Díaz J. (2016) Novice Chilean Secondary Mathematics Teachers as Problem Solvers. In: Felmer P., Pehkonen E., Kilpatrick J. (eds) Posing and Solving Mathematical Problems. Research in Mathematics Education. Springer, Cham



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