Problem Solving Teaching Practices: Observer and Teacher’s View



Activando la Resolución de Problemas en las Aulas

Patricio Felmer, Josefa Perdomo-Díaz, Valentina Giaconi and Carmen G. Espinoza. Center for Mathematical Modeling and Center for Advanced Research in Education, University of Chile, Chile,

In this note we report an exploratory study on teaching practices related to problem solving of a group of 29 novel secondary mathematics teachers. For this purpose two independent instruments were designed, the first one is based on lesson observations, , and the second one is a questionnaire answered by teachers about their teaching practices while working non-routine problem solving with their students. For each instrument we perform a statistical analysis to define relevant dimensions regarding to problem solving teaching practices and we compare these new dimensions. We find that results from the two instruments are coherent in the case of quantity of problem solving in lessons and quality of teaching practices. These results are encouraging for further studies in this direction.


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